Rose Gold Summer Entertaining Inspiration

June 1st. How is it already June 1st? Suddenly the weather in Maryland went from 60 and rainy to a balmy, sunny 85 but I feel like my body is still back in April and I haven't totally acclimated yet! I know summer technically doesn't begin until June 20th, but with this warm weather I decided to source some fun tabletop and entertaining items to use at a whimsical and romantic summer shindig!

The inspiration for this design board started with these fun taper candle holders from Anthropologie. I love this color palette and with the yellow, blue, and pink, there are so many possibilities for coordinating decor. I went with the common color in all of the taper holders, rose gold, and found some other items that fit my theme. 

I could see these items in use at a baby shower, a bridal shower, a birthday party, or even a fun outdoor supper! I love using a mix of elegance (the flatware, calligraphy place cards, plates, and stemware) and whimsy (the taper holders, rose gold mylar "love" balloon, animal planters, and copper wire string lights). I envision this particular "event" in an outdoor setting, with hanging bistro lights in the trees and a long farm table with pillow seating. 

Speaking of whimsy, a couple other summer party ideas: live music and a piñata.

How much fun would some live bluegrass music or an acoustic guitar pop duo add to your party? 

And, my personal favorite piñata of the moment:

Or, if your taste is more subtle:

I am actually 100% serious about this piñata idea. Can you remember the last time you attended a party with one of these? Exactly. Talk about a summer nostalgia throwback. The best kind of party trick!

Happy June!