Patapsco Valley State Park Wedding | Natira & Angie

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a cozy and relaxing holiday break; I know I did. It was so nice to take a few days away from my email inbox to spend more quality time with my husband and family. Now I feel more rejuvenated and ready to get creative again! 

I am so thrilled to share our very first same sex wedding on the blog with you today. I started working in the wedding industry in Texas in 2006 before moving to the DC area in 2008 and I remember exactly when same sex weddings became legal because our ceremony music inquiries started becoming much more heartfelt, emotional, and just plain excited. 

Natira and Angie are one of those couples who just work together. When one person feels more quiet, the other will know what to say. When one person is about to tear up, the other will know the perfect moment to hold her hand. These ladies are incredibly talented, smart, lighthearted, and warm, and I had such a pleasure working with them in coordinating their Patapsco Valley State Park wedding. 

Natira's ceremony and reception dress was from J. Crew and her cover-up was from Alexandra Grecco, one of my favorite dress designers. N & A took their guests to go bowling for their afterparty, and Chipotle catered their reception lunch - how fun is that?! With Love and Embers took these gorgeous photos and were such a joy to work with on the day. (True fact: it was so hard narrowing down all of the portraits to just the ones below!) Mobtown Florals provided all of the reception arrangements, eucalyptus runners, and a different, personalized bouquet for each bride. 

Be sure to scroll all the way down for some super fun wedding afterparty bowling photos! xo